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Future of Innovation
New Medicines in Development
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Future of Innovation

Many changes are taking place in the way we discover new treatments and cures for disease. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and other deadly conditions affect millions of Americans. New medicines have led to improved treatments of certain forms of breast cancer, hypertension, and AIDS, while other drugs have slowed the decline of degenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease or arthritis.

As impressive as advances in biopharmaceuticals have been, our work is far from over. Millions of Americans with serious diseases and conditions, and a health care system struggling with rising costs and gaps in quality, can benefit from new pharmaceutical discoveries.

Every day, nearly 80,000 researchers go to work seeking tomorrow's medical miracles. Explore this section to learn about the tools they are now using to better understand the mechanisms of disease, track molecular biomarkers that signal the emergence of disease or its response to treatment, and design drugs that are tailored to be safe and effective for individuals based on a personalized approach.

New Medicines in Development
Find out what's on the horizon of pharmaceutical innovation. New medicines in the pipeline are targeting entirely new pathways of disease. Search the database by disease, drug name or company.

Next Wave of Innovation
The drug discovery toolbox has become quite sophisticated in recent years. Automation, robotics, and miniaturization are enabling millions of candidate drugs to be tested within a matter of weeks; nanotechnology promises to enhance the ability to detect, deliver and treat disease with unprecedented precision; and the tools of genomics and proteomics are revealing the mechanisms of disease, and the molecular markers used to track its emergence and treatment. See how pharmaceutical innovation is expanding the frontiers of science.

Future of Health Care
Providing high-quality, affordable health care for a growing and aging population is a daunting challenge. What role will pharmaceutical discovery play in finding new solutions, and what dynamics will shape our health care system as a whole?