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Next Wave of Innovation

Over the past 10 years, a wave of scientific advances and new technologies has dramatically changed how medicines are discovered. "Screening" tools, which help researchers sort through millions of compounds in a short period, have drastically reduced the time and cost associated with discovering compounds that might have use as medicines. Other technologies are enabling more efficient delivery of drugs to the patient. And greater knowledge of how diseases work at the genetic and molecular level has allowed researchers to pursue new targets for therapy and better predict how certain biopharmaceuticals will affect specific groups of people.

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Automation and Robotics: The introduction of automation and robotics into the drug discovery process has greatly enhanced the ability to explore and identify new drug candidates... (read more)
Bioinformatics: Bioinformatics uses statistical and computing techniques to advance the scientific understanding of living systems... (read more)
Biomarkers: Biomarkers are substances in the body, often in the blood, other body fluids or tissues, that tell us the state of our health and how we might respond to treatment... (read more)
Molecular Targeting: The idea behind molecular targeting is to design drugs that specifically attack diseased or cancerous cells, proteins or other molecules involved in the disease... (read more)
Nanotechnology: The science of all things small - nanotechnology holds promise in revolutionizing the way biopharmaceuticals can be delivered to patients... (read more)
Personalized Medicine: A discipline focused on developing medicines and tailoring therapies based on new knowledge of the human genome... (read more)

"Medical science stands at the threshold of research advances not even imagined a decade ago."
- HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson, January 19, 2001

"We're at a stage when a large range of new technologies such as genomics and proteomics and modern information technology are now becoming widely used in the development of new treatments, and in finding better ways to use existing treatments to get the most value."
- Dr. Mark McClellan, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Administrator, November 18, 2003

"[M]edicine is poised for a great leap forward. For all our amazing advances in the last 50 years, we are still working with the tools of the first pharmaceutical revolution. That is, we are still mostly using advanced chemistry to treat disease symptoms. In the new age we are now entering, we will increasingly use advanced biology to actually cure or even prevent disease from occurring."
- Sidney Taurel, President and Chief Executive Officer for Eli Lilly and Company